How It Work

BAC token generator is simple

You hold BAC in your account, and then choose a plan where your BAC token will be locked for a longer time, depending on your chosen plan.
Depending on the plan you are getting rewarded with BAC tokens you can withdrawal daily or hold in your wallet.

Crypto technology is advancing every day; from crypto mining to smart contracts, proof of work to proof of stake and now we have a token generator.
Bowl A Coins (BAC) has changed the game with our new tokens created with the BAC token generator, managed by our BAC Wallet App and Rewards Token.

Bowl A Coins has its own BAC wallet utilizing the most recent blockchain technology - Ether scan Blockchain with an integrated token generator. Our users get rewarded daily for having their tokens in our wallet - BAC wallet.

With the integrated token generator in your wallet, you select the token generator package that best suits you.

With our BAC wallet, users do not need any specialized knowledge or training to get rewarded.
The wallet has an encrypted algorithm program that generates interest and automatically transfers your reward tokens to your wallet.

Bowl A Coin rewards anyone, anywhere in the world through our App or website. 

Let’s change the game together… get rewarded now! Click to get started!